Sci-Fi Revoltech series n°018 Alien Queen

Action figure.

15 cm.

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The Alien Queen has been reproduced at the largest size in the history of Sci-Fi Revoltech.

- The mother of all aliens, has a full length of 32 cm!
- The huge fan shaped, crown like head that symbolizes the Queen has been reproduced with fine molding, with the bone-like details at the back also reproduced.
- The mouth can be opened, revealing the [Inner Mouth] gimmick that has been reproduced, just like the film.
- The whip-like tail has been reproduced with bendable structure, allowing you to freely adjust the tail to add motion to your poses.
- The neck has the ability to slide, to match the movement of the head, and able to take the forward-bent posture with the fan-like head sticking out, like that in the film.
- The 6 bony bumps on the back have been reproduced by using 4mm joints, with each being able to move on their own.
- Comes with a display stand based on a part of the residential area of Planet LV-426, enabling you to position the Queen itself onto it.
- Length: approx. 320mm
- Total Poseable Points: 32 points
- No. of joints used: 25 total: 10mm Joint x2, 8mm Joint x7, 6mm Joint x5, 4mm Joint x11
- Accessories: Display Stand (with arm) x1, Nameplate x1


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