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Terminator 2 : Le Jugement dernier réplique 1/1 T-800 Endoskeleton Battle Damaged Version

From Terminator 2: Judgement Day, this T-800 battle damaged 1:1 scale Art Mask features LED light-up eyes, face, and base, all sculpted with incredible detail as if it came right out of the screen. Standing about 18 inches tall, the polyresin T-800 mask is non-wearable and can be displayed on the wall or on its unique base.

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copy of HEROCROSS Disney Toy Story Nightmare of Toy Sid Phillips & Scud Dog 24” Vinly Figure Set

Sid and Scud (Sid's dog) appear in <Toy Story> is a toy destruction partner, often disassembling and reassembling the toy, which is the nightmare of the toys!Sid- Size: 24 inches high- PVC body and alloy frame- Hand movable designScud- Size: 12 inches- PVC body- New feature: Detachable simulated leather dog leash

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